The love supreme

The love supreme


Jot Magazine - May mood board

The minute I saw this mood board I knew who the amazing compiler was...
it had Jot girl Sharmaine written all over it.

It was an awesome...awesome.... challenge.
A break from the pastel.... a break from the pretty....a chance to grunge it up.
I had a ball and I know you will too.
I just have to mention here....check our Jot girl Amandas layout...whoa!
(I have popped the mood board and links at the bottom of my post)

I truly hope you can join us this month....


Kraft plus May challenge - image inspiration

Its a new month...and a new challenge at Kraft plus!
To re-cap my thoughts on this challenge....

"Whoa! This challenge broke all my rules!
I just dragged out everything that looked remotely as though it fitted my theme and added it.
Talk about a lot of fun. Its bright and chaotic just like the inspiration"

Check out the inspiration below...

and some close ups of the chaos.
Luckily I had such a cute photo that worked so perfectly.

I hope you will give it a go this month... check out all the details on the Kraft plus blog as well as some ahhhhmazing design team creativeness.


Inspired by Wilna - Spring Collection

When I feel like creating but haven't got a creative idea in my head....I always turn to Wilna at 

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the 'Spring Collection' its a bundle of gorgeous florals..frames and sentiments...and there is a bonus 4 exclusive process videos.

I praised myself for finally mastering the print and cut feature on my Silhouette and even though I don't have a lot of arty supplies I made it work.

I cant take any credit for these layouts..... but I thoroughly enjoyed the process..and the spark of creativity that followed.

 I can not tell you how excited I am to be meeting and doing a class with Wilna at Escape to Create retreat this year.


Project Life 2016 - February

Its time to share a little more of my Project life album.
This month I decided to include some 6x8 sized photos....I love the look of them...however my 
BIG TIP: check out the cost of processing. 
The first place I had printing done cost me 2.99 a print. Big W was only 98c ... huge difference.
I did try working out how to print at home...and obviously it could be done... but its not a straightforward size and in my attempt to keep life simple I chose to outsource this printing job.

It was also the month we embrace the Snapchat face swap feature.
Its hard to even look at the photos...but they were such a laugh in February I had to include them.


Currently #5

Currently #5

Thankful for - these beautiful autumn skies ... sunshine.

Reading - I am Pilgrim - Terry Hayes.... I borrowed the eBook online from the library after a recommendation by a lovely friend.

Watching - Married at first sight and Seven year switch. (I am a reality tragic)

Listening - a 70s hits compilation on CD in the ambulance at work.

Podcasts - Loved the latest Roundtable Paperclipping with Jot girl Meghann and the beautiful Wilna.

Inspired by - Jo Whitton of Quirky Cooking and her GUT health program. I read about this subject almost every day....I know I would benefit but I keep putting it off.

Wearing - Pjs and socks.

Making - Map cushions for a custom order. I haven't stitched anything for Dudley and Grace in a long time...and to be honest I didn't think I would. However I had a local request for 4 cushions to be given as gifts to some exchange student host families...and I just loved that I heard myself saying YES.

Paper crafting - Jot projects -  I am waiting for my last Hip Kit Club kit to I am holding off starting and instead... waiting for beautiful new product.

Focused on - My clothes / what to pack / what I need / what goes with what for our upcoming trip OS.

Hoping to - make a visit to a dear friend today ...I want to take her something special.

Planning - On creating art canvases with the girlies today. Its holidays and they love crafting.

Learning - Mindfulness Meditation

Wishing - I didn't stress so much ... wishing calm was my default....wishing my mind had a 'stop' button.


Memorandum Monday - the garden

I missed a Memorandum Monday last week.... work..a weekend away and a lack of words seemed to get in the way.
I was determined to join in again this week with Sian and the other Memorandum Mondayers....but look at the day.... its Tuesday already....where did Monday go?

There is no denying....I have let my vegetable patch turn into a terrible mess. Its about the only part of the garden I can lay any claim too... hubby does a fantastic job of the rest...and in all honesty I think he may have inherited his Mums green thumb.
Me on the other hand....I love THE thought of gardening.... but not so much the doing.

My dream is to have a wonderful veggie patch... with seasonal herbs and veggies always on hand...and I had managed to get a little collection of perennial type plants that were doing quite well...albeit in among a tangle of weeds.

My beets...silverbeet....basil and parsley were going well.... alas was the lawn runners that were tangling through it all.

So as I headed off to work on Saturday ...hubby mentioned he was going to attack the yard...we had trees to be trimmed and I mentioned off hand...and not specifically enough perhaps... that he could "clear out that veggie patch"

Let me say.... he did a sensational job of trimming back our fact I think we gained some extra metres in the yard. It was all so beautiful and longer an overgrown jungle out there.

Then I noticed my veggie patch... and if I could turn back the clock I would be far more diplomatic and not so reactive.... but I was a bit shocked to see it leveled to the ground...raked flat...including my newly emerging beets I hadn't picked...and my beautiful bunches of silverbeet.

I am not proud of my tantrum...and he did have a point.... I DID say "clear it out!" I sulked too long... and he was right "whats done is done!" 
Its true..I could have been more gracious when he arrived home with replacement plants...or I could have smiled when he tried to make light of it. I just needed some time grieve my loss... and move on... and finally I was able to admit.. the garden will be fine... it did need a freshen up...and plants regrow.


The funny things they say - Bells

She was looking through the Project Life album...
commenting here and there...studying the photos and letting out the odd chuckle..

Then on seeing the photo of Jarrad winning the "Riverland and Mallee Apprentice of the year" she said...

 " You picked the right boyfriend Briony!"

 ".... because he sure has a lot of trophies!"

Briony and her 'trophy fiancee' ... what a lucky girl hey!