Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Picture classes and Wilna - part 3 and 4

Its a true story...
I've taken so long to finish my Wilna Furstenberg Art and Design workshop
 that the host Big Picture Classes has migrated to an entire new site! 
Luckily I have access to the old site so I can finish off my class because I am such stickler for finishing things.

I  truly do struggle with abandoning things once I start.... I wanted to watch each of Wilnas videos and try all of the techniques right to the end.

There were some layouts that just didn't work for me... and that's ok...
but I did learn a bucket load ... especially about my Silhouette and adding paint..
and as I have said before...I could listen to Wilna all day.

You can read me previous blog posts about this workshop HERE and HERE

So here are my layouts ....
totally Wilnas of course... with a little Mardi twist.

Lesson 3 - Patterns 

Lesson 4 - Contrast

So that is the last of my Wilna layouts.
I've enjoyed this class immensely as well as the added bonus of using up a stack of my older supplies.
Thank you Wilna for filling in many an afternoon over the last few months.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Europe 2014 -Ambulances - suddenly we began a collection...

Who would have thought I would ever collect photos of Ambulances!

But by the end of our trip I had captured a shot in almost every destination...
so that definitely deserved a post all of its own.

Here goes....let me showcase my collection.
(because I  didn't start off collecting these photos a few of the initial photos 
have been stolen from Google just so the collection was complete.)

Dubai (thanks Mr Google)

Barcelona - Spain

Toulon - France
(also thankyou Mr Google)

Florence - Italy

Rome - Italy

Istanbul - Turkey

Athens - Greece

Venice - Italy

Lucerne - Switzerland

Munich - Germany

London -

and finally Paris, (yep...only just captured Paris....they must be fast!)

....and that was that... our trip was over...
No more grabbing for the camera....fumbling...panicking....every time I heard a siren.. not wanting to miss the perfect shot.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sassy Scrapper - April challenge...

The Sassy Scrapper challenge this month is so soft and beautiful..
its impossible to NOT join in.

Here is the inspiration...

...and some closer details.

I was so LUCKY last month when I was chosen as the March challenge was such an unexpected good news moment.
I love joining in the challenges for the 'challenge' .. and to be a part of our wonderful and supportive scrappy THANK YOU Olga and Sassy girls... mwah xx
Edit: I began the bones of  this layout at the e2c retreat.. 
this challenge was the perfect push to finish it completely... it fitted the mood board so beautifully.
I really need to mention the beautiful handmade paper behind the photo... this paper was very kindly donated by Sirrah Sirrah,,, and was bundled up and tucked in our goodie bags. It is the most gorgeous has layers and layers... there are  sequins..pearlescent bits...and  the texture is beautiful. These photos just don't do it justice. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lucky find - L.O.V.E

What an awesome find was this....
I think the chunky knit blanket was maybe $4.00 
and the lamp the same...

Chunky knit seems very happy here...

and Mr lamp is very useful here....

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kraft + plus - retro recipe challenge

Ohhhh this was a little bit of fun this month....

This month is called the "Retro recipe"

Not only was there a colour pallete... but also a 'recipe' with ingredients!

So how did I go?
dash of washi tape - tick
cup of polka dots - tick
twist of cotton - tick
3 tags - tick
a sprinkle of silver - tick
stamping - tick
retro colour - tick
title, photo, life story - tick tick tick
Kraft - tick

Thanks for the awesome challenge girls...

Thursday, April 09, 2015

H O M E - D.I.Y

 Finally I got around to a little D.I.Y project I had been wanting to do.

I was  thrilled when Meg and Mitch gifted me one of the white string balloons that her parents Jenny and Greg had made for their wedding.
They had looked so beautiful as we entered the reception..  and every time I see them now I am reminded of Mitch and Megs amazing day.

How beautiful does this look?
This was the view as we walked through the door.... stunning!

So for quite some time I had my string balloon hanging around.... I really needed to put it to use.

I eventually rigged up a pendant cord...forced the globe gently through the strings...
and turned the family room light into a gorgeous pendant light with beautiful memories attached.
The light it throws on the walls and ceilings at night is so pretty.... I love it.