Monday, September 15, 2014

Jot Magazine issue 7

Its out!!
....and its a rip snorter.

I love each and every issue... the chance to make myself a cuppa and settle in for a read... then the inspiration that follows as I am blown away by all the amazing work created on each and every page.

This issue is once again jam packed...
the Jot Girls blow me away...and the additional contributions are sensational !!

..and the best bit is you  can read it for free......

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Gosh another month ticks by and its challenge time again over at the Jot Magazine site...
you may have noticed last months challenge was a little different...
the old 'mood board' challenge was replaced with a new challenge called the 

So this month brings a brand new Something challenge... 
its a beautiful soft board... I hope it inspires you as much as it did me...
So I played along....

Floral – paper and flowers
Blue – studio calico paper and mist
Chevron – mask and mist
New – word cut with my new Silhouette toy!

We would love you to join in...
You can find the challenge details ( HERE) at Jot Magazine...

Friday, September 05, 2014


Of all the the toys... entertainment....comfy chairs...and  places to sit
that we have at Nan and Pops...
this box has been a favourite this week.

I've been cleaning out..culling...and throwing away....
 but before this box made the recycling it was put to use as the TV watching spot of choice.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


So it happened....
our baby girl turned 21 !

It seems only yesterday she was born.. our little blonde blue eyed girl...
who has given us so much joy and pride.

She is kind..generous...hardworking and reliable..
she loves us all with every inch of her being..and we love her back.

So we threw a party...
Brent and Alex kindly provided the venue and the invites went out.

We had an amazing night...with family...and friends...
Kate all the way from Queensland was a huge surprise.
Obviously it was themed..
we all came dressed as something beginning with "B"

I have shared a few of the photos from the night...
obviously there were many many more..
but this is a little recap of her night.

We are SO very proud of our Briony Jane...
and cant wait to see what the next 21 years brings...
Love Mum and Dad xxxx

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I tell you what... the weather yesterday was ridiculous...
Cold...steady rain...and mud!
It was SO NOT our typical weather... we are almost always dry here..
so when Lachie found he was racing at Renmark this weekend... James and Kel were looking forward to a nice dry track and some pleasant spectating 
(and I'm sure Lachie was looking forward to a nice dry track too)  
Instead of that... poor Lach had to race in a quagmire..
and we poor spectators weren't that chirpy either.
Although it was a lot fun to see it all in action.

 The girls loved a catch up with Evie regardless of the weather...
So it was smiles all round for them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I love the Memory Planer style of recording our year.... its so do-able..
even when I procrastinate and don't know where to begin... it still comes together easily.
Its becoming quite a chunky album full of additional bits and pieces tucked inside.
(Oh and see that Silhouette cut word??.... I was a very spoilt birthday girl this year)

 I clipped in some extras this month.... a handmade card from Bella for my birthday as well as some of the other beautiful cards I received. I used a giant paperclip that the lovely Anna had given me for my birthday which hooked through the spine easily and held everything in place (nice and flat too) 

 ...and then as she flips the cover shut....she realises...its almost half way through August already..
time to get started on the next month.

Friday, August 08, 2014


What a whopper July was....
Here is a snapshot of our crazy month...

1. Worked my night shift on-call from home.
2. My birthday - Not only am I totally spoilt by family... but these exciting birthday club gifts arrived as well.
3. Prepping to teach a class for 'Relay for Life'
4. Watching Bella at Sports Day
5. Its tree planting day at Brent and Alexs (one poor tree didnt make it...the goat ate it)
6. Working on Sundays :(
7. Another gorgeous bithday club gift arrived today
8. Briony and Jarrad left on their cruise to Fiji
9. Working on my Memory Planner today.
10. Bella and Brooke scrapbooking with 'Jot Kids' inspiration
11. Scrapbooking - 'Jot Pockets' workshop
12. Breakfast club at Crocketts
13. Planning my week
14. Washing washing washing
15. Another gorgeous birthday club gift arrives
16. Busy busy in my scrap room
17. Briony and Jarrad arrive home from their cruise with big news - they are ENGAGED.
18. 3 munchkins raiding the biscuit tin after school
19. Gardening day - roses pruned...lemons picked
20. Poor Mitch is in the Emerg Dept tonight
21. Mitch admitted to hospital - so begins a week of hospital..tests and specialists again
22. Morning coffee and my sweet crochet coasters made by Tammy
23. Booka in her favourite spot
24. Afternoon sunshine
25. Bella drawing usual
26. Scrapbooking for upcoming Jot themes
27. Engagement gift from Mario and Rosie our neighbours.
28. Creating for Jot
29. Choosing fabrics for my Mary Mary Quilt I hope to cut out soon.
30. Gracie wearing her adorable bear hat made by Sheree..
31. Pumpkin soup