Friday, May 29, 2015

Sassy Scrappers - May Challenge..

Once again I'm playing along with the Sassy Scrappers challenge...
The May challenge is a gorgeous bright and floral inspired board.

I created my own little watercolour floral card using some watercolour paint and a Heidi Swapp Memorydex divider cutting die.
The journaling is hidden behind the fold out cards.

Thanks so much again for the great challenge and inspiration Sassy girls...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Kraft + plus challenge - May

I loved playing along once again with the Kraft + plus challenge this month...
Its the May challenge ... inspired by earthy colours..beads...string and paper flowers.

The one thing that jumped out at me was the lovely old books tied with string.
So I ran with that as inspiration.
As luck would have matched perfectly with the April 'A Piece of Cake Designs'  kit.. so with inspiration....a gorgeous kit...and some Heidi Swapp foil stickers for the title I was set.

Here is the challenge board...

Thanks for the lovely challenge Kraft + plus girls...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Vintage fabric square swap - 2015 - lets get started.

Well it looks as though we have some interested swappers which is awesome.
I am so pleased that we can kick of another Vintage Fabric Square swap.
(I am using the term 'vintage' loosely.... don't stress over the exact age of your fabrics)

So lets get started!!

Please sign up for the swap by leaving a comment which includes your email address at the bottom of this post - or alternatively email me direct via the link in my sidebar.

Once I have your email I can send you the postage details and any other information required.

I think a around a month would be a great amount of time for the swap.....
so please join up over the next couple of weeks and then post off your vintage squares to me by the end of JUNE.

There is no set amount of squares to swap.....
swap a minimum of 10 or as many as you wish....
you will get back the same number of squares that you send.

However I do have a request....
Please sort your squares into stacks of 10 and pop them into a snaplock bag or similar.

That way I can swap 10 for 10 ... which means... minimal counting this end...and a much easier job.
It would be great if the stacks of 10 were mixed... even 5 each of two fabrics would be fine.

Or perhaps 2 each of  five fabrics get the picture...a little variety in each pack of ten would be great...and it would mean that those swapping smaller numbers of blocks will still get plenty of  variety.

Please include a self addressed and postage paid postbag or similar for me to return your swapped squares in.... its easy to work out the postage......whatever it costs to send yours to pretty much what it will cost for me to send yours back.

Start hunting out some fabric for the swap....please make sure it is clean and in good condition and something that you would love to have included in your quilt....that way.....I'm sure everyone else will love it too.

The squares need to measure 6" x 6" and can be from a variety of fabrics or mostly the same.
In our last swap we had an amazing eclectic mix of colours and anything goes other than solid colours or unsuitable fabrics...cotton or cotton blend fabrics would be the best.

Finally.... please spread the word...
The more people we have join.....the more lovely squares we get to swap.
Please feel free to use images from my blog.

Any questions...please shout...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jot Magazine - May mood board...

This months May mood board is a stunner...
and there is also the most gorgeous bonus for anyone playing along....
Jot girl Jodie (Polka Dot Creative) has provided a free brush script for you to use.
Thankyou SO much Jodie... check out Jodies blog and grab your free brush script (here)

The script worked perfectly with this story I wanted to tell of my daughter Briony and her Uni studies the moment it all feels overwhelming as the assignments pile up...
but the tough stuff wont last forever.

...and here is the mood board...
 We would love you to play along...the link up and all the details are on the Jot Magazine blog.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Vintage fabric square swap ?

You may recall back in 2011 I hosted a Vintage fabric square swap.....
You can read all the details of that here.
I then floated the idea again in 2013 but didn't actually get around to it.

I have been thinking for awhile about hosting it again.
I would LOVE to make my bubbas some quilts all of their own... and there are no quilts more beautiful than those made from a gorgeous mix of swapped squares.

So would anyone be interested in a swap again????
and would you be happy with 6" ?
( I have a friend who cut a pile of squares in anticipation last time I floated the idea and they are 6")

Please just leave me a message if you are interested so I can see if its worthwhile or not.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Me on a Monday...

Spurred on by my love of reading "Sians - Me on  Monday" posts....
I thought perhaps Id step out on a limb and record my own.
First thought was the usual... 'nothing exciting happened',... but really...the sheer fact it happened makes it exciting I guess.

It was a bright and early one.... Briony decided after working on her assignment all weekend...that she would keep working on it Sunday night and head home to Adelaide nice and early Monday morning.
She needed to be at Uni at 9am.... which meant a 5.30am start.
Poor baby didn't sleep much that night....she wrapped up her assignment after midnight and then struggled to sleep knowing she needed to be up and on the road.

I jumped out for a brief goodbye.... and then snuggled back into bed for an hour with my book.
I've just started "The Poisonwood bible"

Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Picture classes and Wilna - part 3 and 4

Its a true story...
I've taken so long to finish my Wilna Furstenberg Art and Design workshop
 that the host Big Picture Classes has migrated to an entire new site! 
Luckily I have access to the old site so I can finish off my class because I am such stickler for finishing things.

I  truly do struggle with abandoning things once I start.... I wanted to watch each of Wilnas videos and try all of the techniques right to the end.

There were some layouts that just didn't work for me... and that's ok...
but I did learn a bucket load ... especially about my Silhouette and adding paint..
and as I have said before...I could listen to Wilna all day.

You can read me previous blog posts about this workshop HERE and HERE

So here are my layouts ....
totally Wilnas of course... with a little Mardi twist.

Lesson 3 - Patterns