The love supreme

The love supreme


Jot Magazine - issue 19

Have you read the brand new issue of Jot Magazine yet?
Issue No:19 is jam packed with layout inspiration....pocket page ideas and a really fabulous feature where we share some on the other crafts we do when we aren't playing with paper. 

You can find the link easily from the Jot Blog.... or over in my sidebar >>>>


Jot Magazine Mood Board November

Looking for the perfect thing to kick start some scrapbooking this weekend.... then the Jot Magazine November mood board is a ripper.  Its a gorgeous pastel board... compiled by the lovely Kim Jeffress ...reflecting her beautiful style and some signature yellow as well.

As luck would have it I had a story I was itching to tell.... a little cracker of a conversation that had happened throughout last week....

We would love you to join us at Jot Magazine and play along..... all the details and inspiration can be found on the Jot Blog....


Just make something - DIY #1 - Fabric Produce Bags

Plastic waste.... don't get me started.... its ridiculous. 
There has been many a conversation in our home over recent weeks about what we can 'actually' do about it ....when we are bombarded with it at every turn. 
I don't want my organic avocados to come on a foam tray with 3 layers of plastic wrap.... but Woolies thinks it knows otherwise. The head of the house thinks its  waste of time....and that eventually plastic will break down anyway....and he is of the belief that my reduction of single use plastic is only a drop in the ocean so a total waste of time. 
I would like to think if we all reduced..... we COULD make a difference.

I am in total awe of those who live zero waste..... I know for me it isn't achievable.... my goal is reduction.... and to just make better choices when I can. addition to my regular shopping bags (in South Australia we haven't had plastic shopping bags at the checkouts in years thankfully) I decided to reduce the amount of produce bags I bring home to zero.

Using an old 'net' curtain and some leftover macrame cotton offcuts I made some produce bags for my fresh produce.... I have been using these at the supermarket and finding the produce stores well in the fridge this way too.

 You may have noticed my 'Just make something' tag at the top....its my hope that  during this month I might tick a few of my 'want to make' jobs off my list.... lets see how I go.


No waste scrapbooking - using up the scraps

Quite some time ago I set aside an evening and created a lovely little pile of layered tags. It was the perfect project for using up paper and embellishment scraps and also for 'just creating something' when my creativity level was low.

I've used them as tags for gifts.... on Project Life spreads....and a few even made it to layouts.

Once again I'm finding myself feeling lost when it comes to paper craft.... I've been so focused on macrame that my creative paper brain has left the building.
My plans this week are to carve some time for another scrap tag making session....and to see where that leads me.


Macrame - (Rollingstone)

I thought it had been awhile since I chatted macramé.... and yes...I'm still loving it. (how could I not!)

Right now as I type this my dear 'other half' is in the shed ...cutting pieces of wood to exactly 45cms in readiness for  tomorrow night.  
Beeeeeecause tomorrow night....  there are 5 lovelies coming over to both 're-visit' their past love OR 'become acquainted' for the first time with macramé. 

I am reluctant to call it a class... because I don't feel at all 'Teacherish' ... but what I can do is share a love of knots...and remind them of what they once knew... and as a group we will create a beautiful piece of  macramé for each to take home....and I hope that they are inspired ...and their love of macramé is ignited or reignited.

This piece was started on holidays ....we were camped right on the beach at Rollingstone.... and it was 'perfect'... I stood knotting this piece with a gentle breeze...and the sound of the waves lapping the shore... it was honestly as good as life gets.
Then we arrived home....and this piece wasn't finished... I just couldn't get back into was almost painful to tie knots at home with the leftover memories of our amazing holiday so fresh in my mind.
I persisted though....and I am so happy with this piece....with the silly name 'Rollingstone'... I know Ill never part with this original piece.....I'm sure Ill recreate her....probably even better....but this one holds the memories and she is mine.



Thankful for -  Time spent with family ..trying not to ever take it for granted.

Reading - Blogs.... getting back to Bloglovin and searching out some new reads 'The Rogue Ginger' a fabulous Australian zero waste blog.

Watching - Narcos season 3, Reign season 3 , The Bachelorette and anything Zero Waste on You Tube

Inspired by - Bea Johnson and the Zero Waste Home... to quote Bea ..  "Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (and only in that order) is my family’s secret to living waste-free"

Making - Vegetable Stock and re-useable produce bags.

Paper crafting -  Project Life... so behind...argh!

Focused on -  trying to get back to exercise...  (how is it possible that something I would always do daily... and was such a good habit could just STOP. I keep blaming circumstances.... but if you boil it down they are only excuses.)

Learning - The frightening truth about GM (Genetically Modified) Foods.... I've heard the term and figured it couldn't be good for us.... but then I listened to a Low Tox Life Podcast by Fran Murrell (co founder of M.U.D.G.E or Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering) and it was pretty scary stuff.The upside if that in Australia all fresh fruit and veg grown in Australia is GMO free...and there are so great resources available to guide you through the choices when it comes to packaged food.This shopping list from the M.U.D.G.E site reassured me regarding a few items I currently use.

Wearing - 'active wear' .. first time in AGES! I actually got up and went for a walk this morning.

Drinking -  Coffee ...but I did  make a juice earlier...

Grand plan -  To continue minimising our home... to move toward less waste... little steps make big changes.

Planning- I have said yes to sharing my 'macrame love' with a group of friends next week.... I have 5 ladies coming to make macrame with me.

Grateful for  - some lovely weekend weather and the veggies we planted in the garden....its so nice to see them coming along although the snails are proving sneakier than I am.



When I think of stamping of layouts..... my mind always goes to black ink.
I love that crisp black / white contrast. Then I spotted a layout by Jot Girl Sheree... with yellow stamping....and I couldn't get it out of my mind. It looked fabulous.

So armed with some newly purchased yellow ink and my beautiful set of  'Top Shop Alpha' and 'Currently'  clear stamps from Kellie Stamps I whipped together this layout very quickly... and Yep!  I really am in love with that yellow ink.

This layout was created for the July August Jot Magazine Mood board which is now closed.